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Latest News and Updates

July 15th
Snapshot added of a new German regional ensemble HESSEN NORD.

July 14th
Snapshot added of a new Danish regional ensemble operating on Block 8C. While the Danish regulator advertised the area as "Nordjylland, Vest", the new ensemble is labelled Nord Vestjylland. Meanwhile, an existing ensemble that had been advertised as "Vestjylland, Nord" is labelled Vestjyll. Wohnort will continue to list the areas by the names designated by the regulator. To add to the state of confusion, the new Block 8C ensemble is transmitting the EId C123, which is not compliant with TS 101 756 for an ensemble in Denmark.

July 14th
On London 2, the recently-added service TEST has been relabelled 88.3 CENTREFORCE. Snapshot updated.

July 13th
Snapshot added of the Danish regional ensemble serving Nord Nordjylland, including Aalborg, MUX3-NJYN. This Band III ensemble appears to be using Transmission Mode II.

July 12th
In Austria, two new services have popped up on CityMUX Wien II. * 88,6 * and Rock Antenne are each broadcasting in DAB+ at 72 kbit/s.

July 11th
In Germany, the public-service broadcaster NDR has brought a new transmitter into service on Block 7A. Sibbesse, near Hildesheim, extends coverage of NDR NDS to a region including Bad Salzdetfurth, Bockenem, Diekholzen, Gronau and Holle as well as Hildesheim itself.

July 11th
A new service has popped up on London 2. TEST is broadcasting in DAB+ at 32 kbit/s. A former London pirate Centreforce Radio has announced that it will launch on DAB on July 14th.

July 10th
On RNT PARIS 3, the service Antinea Radio has ceased.