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Latest News and Updates

July 22nd
A new service has popped up on the local ensemble Surrey-NSussex. Fun Kids Junior is broadcasting in DAB+ at 32 kbit/s.

July 20th
Snapshot of the Italian ensemble CRDAB Piemonte updated. Multiple changes, including lower bitrates and changes to Protection Levels. There are four new services compared with the previous snapshot: JUKEBOX, RADIO ALFA, RADIO NEWS 24 and DIM SUONO *SOFT*. RVS ITALY has ceased.

July 20th
On London 1, the service Gold has been relabelled Gold London and is now running at the higher bitrate of 40 kbit/s. Snapshot updated.

Update: July 20th
Applications for the new Channel Islands local ensemble closed on the 17th. The regulator received applications from three groups:
* Nation Broadcasting, in the shape of its wholly-owned subsidiary Bailiwick Broadcasting, has announced that it has applied. It plans to broadcast 25 services, using DAB+ for most of the ensemble's services. The two services not listed as DAB+ are connected to the rival applicant Tindle MuxCo, whose own application has them broadcasting in "original-flavour" DAB. Under Nation's proposals, the local BBC services, BBC Radio Guernsey and BBC Radio Jersey would be broadcast in DAB+ with both the AM and FM versions of both station's services being carried. Nation proposes to broadcast from three sites, including Alderney, from the outset
* Tindle MuxCo Channel Islands, a consortium of Tindle CI Broadcasting (owners of Channel 103 in Jersey and Island FM in Guernsey) and Folder Media, propose to broadcast local services Channel 103, Island FM, BBC Radio Guernsey and BBC Radio Jersey, plus a selection of other services broadcast on the national ensembles in mainland Britain, including Virgin Radio, TalkSport, TalkRadio, Fun Kids, plus other services such as Bailiwick Radio, Contact Classic Hits and Atlantis. Under the Tindle MuxCo proposals, the BBC local services would also be broadcast in DAB+, but the application implies that that not all of the BBC's reserved capacity would be used and that only one service from each station would be carried. Under Tindle MuxCo's proposals, Alderney would be added to the network only during the lifetime of the licence.
* Small Digital Planet Ltd (further details awaited)