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Latest News and Updates

October 16th
In the Netherlands, a new service has popped up on the local DAB Trial NijkerkDAB. Differentradio is reported to be broadcasting in DAB+ at 64 kbit/s.

October 16th
The UK regulator has authorised the removal of Timeless Radio from Trial Manchester. The service is expected to cease on October 31st.

October 16th
On the local ensemble Surrey-NSussex, the service MY MUSIC RADIO has been relabelled Eagle70s. Snapshot updated.

October 14th
In Belgium, the public-service broadcaster VRT has confirmed that all of its services will switch to DAB+ on October 17th. VRT explicitly states that unless you have a DAB+ radio, reception of its services will no longer be possible after that date. It recommends that listeners who believe they have DAB-only receivers perform a scan anyway, as not all DAB+ radios advertise their DAB+ capability.

October 12th
In Germany, the Director of Deutschlandradio has called for expanded DAB+ coverage, with the motto "FM as long as necessary. DAB+ as fast as possible."

October 12th
In Switzerland, the first test transmissions have been reported on Block 8B from the new minimux for Chur/Sarganserland, DIG D04 - CS. Currently, three test services are being broadcast.

October 12th
On Trial London, RINSE FM is running at the lower bitrate of 64 kbit/s and has dropped to EEP 2-A.

October 11th
In the Netherlands, a new local DAB trial has popped up on Block 10D in Apeldoorn, broadcasting four services currently using DAB+.

October 10th
In Germany, a new service has popped up on the Bavarian regional ensemble Unterfranken. RADIO HASHTAG+ is broadcasting in DAB+ at 72 kbit/s.

October 10th
In Croatia, the regulator has announced sixteen services selected to participate in a DAB+ pilot. The public-service broadcaster HRT is absent.
  • Radio 808
  • Radio Kaj
  • Sjeverni FM
  • Radio Koprivnica Zupanski radio
  • Radio Istra
  • Antena Radio
  • Radio Zabok
  • Narodni Radio
  • Radio Dalmacija
  • Radio Banovina
  • Enter Zagreb
  • Trend Radio
  • Radio Martin
  • Soundset Trsat
  • Radio 101
October 9th
In Italy, a new ensemble has popped up in Torino on Block 12D. R DIGILOG TO CU was observed testing very briefly on October 5th with twelve DAB+ services but is believed not to be on air currently. Snapshot added.

October 9th
Dutch DAB anarchy
Is your radio behaving strangely? Displaying the name of one service while playing the audio of another? Unable to tune into a service that you were listening to just few moments ago? Find that when you select one station from your radio's list, your radio takes you to another service instead? Are you in the Netherlands? If so, it may not be a problem with your radio!

The Ensemble ID is supposed to be unique within a territory, even where two ensembles are run by the same operator. If they have different sets of services, then they should have different EIds, because... they are different. Two transmissions with the same EId should be identical down to the last CU. The only exception is when a number of transmitters broadcast the same ensemble on the same frequency and use a technique known as "Local Windows in DAB" to provide a service in one area but not another.

The multiplex MTVNL, which appears on different frequencies around the country, so the Local Windows scenario does not apply, appears to use the same EId (8181) on transmissions that contain a different mix of services. The Block 11A version of MTVNL broadcasts NH Radio. Block 5B and Block 12B apparently do not, but have the same EId.

The local DAB trial BROADCASTSHOP.NL in Waddinxveen appears to use the same EId (8182) as the MTVNL transmissions in Eindhoven.

The Service ID is supposed to be unique for any particular service within a territory. The SId 0035 is used by RADIO182 in Waddinxveen and by ONE in Wageningen. In any case, the SId is not TS 101 756 compliant for a Netherlands service.

One is surprised that the Dutch regulator accepts this kind of situation.

October 6th
Snapshot of the Netherland local DAB trial BROADCASTSHOP.NL. MIDLAND FM is running with a changed SId, making it the only service on this ensemble whose SId is TS 101 756 compliant for a Netherlands service. The EId is similarly non-compliant.