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Latest News and Updates

January 22nd
On the UK local ensemble Ayr, the service Virgin Groove has dropped to 80 kbit/s Mono since the previous observation. Snapshot updated.

January 22nd
Trial Glasgow snapshot updated. Re-ordering of CUs since the previous observation.

January 22nd
In Germany, the media regulator for Nordrhein-Westfalen has announced the results of the advertisement of capacity on a forthcoming ensemble for private-sector broadcasters. The ensemble will operate on Block 9D and is intended to cover the entire Land. The offer was oversubscribed, with applications for 13 services being received from 12 prospective broadcasters and three applications for the entire capacity being received from prospective platform operators. The regulator will proceed to determine which applications meet the criteria and then "initiate a mutual agreement procedure" among those who fulfill the requirements.

Service Applications:
  • Radio B2 GmbH
  • Radio Energy NRW GmbH i. G.
  • radio NRW GmbH
  • Radio Paradiso NRW GmbH i. G.
  • Sportradio NRW GmbH
  • TOP Media NRW GmbH
  • The Radio Group GmbH
  • Funk & Fernsehen Nordwestdeutschland GmbH & Co. KG
  • NiedersachsenRock21 GmbH & Co. KG
  • Radio Teddy GmbH & Co. KG
  • Studio Gong GmbH & Co. Studiobetriebs KG (for two services)
  • Bildungswerk der Erzdiözese Köln e.V.
Platform Applications:
  • NRW GmbH
  • UPLINK Network GmbH
January 21st
In the Netherlands, the regulator has advertised capacity on a new national ensemble that will broadcast on Block 9C except in South Limburg, where another channel may be used pending co-ordination. Capacity for 12 services is being offered, equivalent to 96 kbit/s per service. If, as anticipated, the capacity is oversubscribed, the process will proceed to auction. Once the services have been selected, they will have 12 weeks to appoint a multiplex operator. The new ensemble must be launched within nine months of the authorisations being issued.

January 21st
On the German ensemble rbb Berlin K7D, the service Bayern Plus has been relabelled BR Schlager. Here the playlist is classified as Oldies Music, whereas in Bayern it is considered Easy Listening.

January 21st
On the Block 9A Parisian ensemble RNT Associative, the SId of Radio TER has changed.

January 21st
On the German ensemble Bayern, the service Bayern plus has been relabelled BR Schlager. Snapshot updated. [This story has been updated to add a snapshot.]

January 21st
On the UK local ensemble Essex, the service Actual Radio has switched to 24 kHz sampling.

January 21st
In France, the regulator has announced that the licences of the new national ensembles will enter into force on July 15th 2021. The first phase of the roll-out will see the major axis Paris-Lyon-Marseille covered. Before then, the new Block 11B ensemble for Paris is due to launch on April 13th. Local and regional ensembles to cover Annecy, Annemasse, Avignon, Chambéry, Dijon, Grenoble, Saint-Étienne and Toulon will follow later in the year. [This story has been updated to correct the ensemble launch dates and to add precision to the CSA announcement concerning the national ensembles.]

January 21st
In the Netherlands, an additional service DANCERADIO is reported to have popped up on the local ensemble Almere DAB.

January 21st
In Germany, a new transmitter has been brought into service on Block 11D. Casekow extends and improves coverage of the public-service broadcaster NDR's ensemble for Pasewalk, NDR MV PW in an area that includes Penkun, Krackow, Grambow and Nadrensee.

January 19th
A new service has popped up on the Czech ensembles RTI cz DAB2 and TELEKO DAB2. Hlas Prahy is broadcasting on both ensembles in DAB+ at 96 kbit/s. Despite their differing content, the ensembles RTI cz DAB1 and RTI cz DAB2 use the same EId, as do TELEKO DAB1 and TELEKO DAB2.

January 19th
On the Swiss local ensemble for Basel, DIG D04 - BS, the service BASELMAX has ceased.

January 19th
On RNT Paris 5, the service Mouvement UP has ceased.

January 19th
In Austria, a new service has popped up on the national ensemble DAB+ Austria.
WELLE 1 is broadcasting in DAB+ at 72 kbit/s. The audio content is reported to differ from the FM equivalent. Snapshot updated.